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Kid's love envelope

For all you first time sewers out there this one is for you and what better way than to start off by making something to show someone you love them

Below are some basic instructions and pictures, complete with a template (click on link - and print off making sure there is no scaling up on your print options - should always be at 100% - never click "scale to fit page" !) Enjoy!

You will need:

White felt for envelope - at least 18cm x 28.5cm

Small square of red felt to fit heart on - 5cm x 5 cm

Ribbon - 12cm

Scrap of fabric 

Letter stampers -£1 pound land!

Stamps ink pad

small square of velcro to fasten envelop shut


Sewing machine

White thread

Pins/ Air erasable marker

1.Start off by printing and then cutting out the "love envelope" template. I usually use pins to hold the template down whilst cutting round or an air erasable marker. But if you don't have any I have used a biro in the past for little projects like this to draw round the template. Just make sure you cut inside the line of the pen then the pen mark will only be on the piece you throw away.

-Now use the the same process to cut your red heart out

2. Now find your fabric scrap and use your letter stamps and ink to print receivers name!

3.Then cut name out

4. Lay your envelope next to your template and use it as a guide as to where you need to fold.

5. Then pin your heart, name label, loop and velcro in the places you need them to be in preparation to sew them down

6. When you lay your envelope flat it will look like this

7. Sew your heart, your name label and your velcro down

8.Now you want to sew all the way around the envelope bottom - including sides and along the bottom. Making sure not to forget to sew loop in place at the same time.

9. Sew all the way along the top in a straight line above the name label and you’re finished!!!!!

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